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Hola Friends!

I know it sounds cliché but I have been in love with styling since I can remember. One of my best memories will always be playing dress-up inside my grandma’s closet. I grew up surrounded by women, so it was always interesting for me to see how each one of them adopted their wardrobe to their lifestyle, taste, and trends while still maintaining their unique style.
My dream was one day I will become a Fashion Designer so I could follow a career in this field. For reasons I cannot explain I ended up getting a degree in International Business. I guess I should not be too hard on myself, I was a high school graduate back then, hearing from family and friends what career to follow. I think at that moment in my life I was lacking confidence in myself, which is something many of us experience at some point. 
Still, life goes on, and occasionally the signs were there, to return to my dream. My first wake up call was my second corporate job. I was working on taking care of exports of raw materials and was asked to transfer to a new division in the company. This new division was going to focus on exporting finished goods in the Fashion Industry.  This shift instantly awakened my desire to focus on building my career as a Fashion and Personal Stylist.
After being my friends and family “unofficial” stylist for years I decided to train myself and get back to my true passion. This path took me to take styling classes, volunteer in organizations that help empower women, and also to patiently build a social media presence. And now, I’m ready to offer not only a service that comes from strong passion but from someone that is constantly learning more about the wonderful world of Fashion. My ultimate goal is to provide my clients with tools and tricks that come from a perfect mix between my natural skills, my learning but also my own personal journey.
I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, and a citizen just like you! I believe that STYLE is not an exclusive or elite service anymore.  It is a service for real people like you and me. This is one of the biggest pillars for me as a Fashion Stylist. I am moved to provide my clients with the opportunity to build a positive image that will help them reach their goals in life.


Let's create together a Style as unique as you!



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